Best 6 Mosquito Repellents for Dogs: Provide Your Dog with Effective Mosquito Control

Out on vacation? You need care but do you care enough for your pet dog? A mosquito repellent is necessary for a comfortable and easy outing trip for both you and your pet dog. But for now let’s just focus on your dog.

Is it really that important?

Certainly. Your dog needs mosquito repellent more than you do. This is because mosquito bites can cause diseases like heartworm and West Nile Virus in your dog. And the itching is just too much to bear.

Best 6 Mosquito Repellents for Dogs

So it’s evident that you need it. Here is our carefully put together list of Best mosquito repellent for dogs.

1. Insect Shield Insect Repellent Protective Safety Vest: Mosquito Repellent for Dogs

Worried for your dog’s mosquito-safety? Well worry no more. Insect shield’s protective vest keeps your dog safe from all blood-sucking bites. It is one of the best mosquito repellents for dogs. See for yourself!

Key features

This safety shield is laden with repelling technology. It fights all kinds of mosquitos, ticks and bug bites.

Additional strips on the vest present better visibility at night and effectively counters all kinds of bug attacks.

Overall, it has a comfortable fabric and keeps your dog at ease.


  • Comfy.
  • Low priced.
  • Long term investment.


  • Might annoy your dog.

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2. Insect Shield Insect Repellent Dog Bandana: Insect Repellent Dog Clothing

In need of an innovative dog repellent? We have you covered. With Insect Shield’s mosquito repellent bandana you can have your dog styled with safety.

Key features

This great dog mosquito repellent is a savior for your pet dog. The composition of permethrin in the tightly knit fabric of the bandana is an uncanny discovery. Mosquitos fear for their lives even from a distance!

With the Permethrin formula in the fabric fibers, no mosquito can get past it.this formula is also great to repel insects and avoid diseases like malaria, dengue and Lyme disease.

It is available in 19 by 19 inch size which is an appropriate design that almost fits all.

This great dog mosquito repellent is available in two awesome colors. Give a charming look to your pet.

Bottom line, its EPA approved and absolutely safe to use as a dog mosquito repellent.


  • Cheap.
  • Certified product.
  • Innovative style.


  • Might not fit large sized dogs.

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3. Insect Shield Mesh Tank Top for Dogs

A mosquito repellent tank top? Yes it’s a reality. Insect Shield brings you the most comfy and cute Mesh Tank Top that keeps your dog protected from mosquito bites.

Key features

Composed with light weight and breathable material, this tank top is a dream come true for dog lovers.

It isn’t filled with anti-mosquito chemicals which makes it an odorless protective coverage.

Not only against mosquitos, but its a tough guard against ticks, flies and fleas too. The exterior, composed in the form of mesh provides ventilation and keeps the dog from getting too hot.

To top that all, it is washable. Bravo!


  • Washable.
  • Provides ventilation.
  • Looks cool.
  • Available in two gorgeous colors.


  • Only available in two sizes.

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4. Vet’s Best Mosquito Repellent for Dogs and Cats

Finding the right mosquito repellent for your dog can be tricky. There are all sorts of products that need to be foreseen before making the right decision. In this regard Vet’s Best offers you the best dog mosquito repellent spray for your pet.

With a high list of merits this product is a wonder. Take a look!

Key features

The new chemical composition of thi spray shuns the use of DEET and repels mosquitoes without it. Its composition is organic which includes natural ingredients such as essential oils, lemongrass oil and geraniol.

Manufactured and used in the USA, it has been deemed quite influential as a dog mosquito repellent.

It is best suited for dogs and cats above the age of 12 weeks. Simply apply it every two hours and you won’t find your dog at unease again.


  • Can be applied to cats as well.
  • Natural, plant-based composition.
  • Easy to carry around in your bag.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Only appropriate for pets above 12 weeks of age.

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5. Guardian Gear Insect Shield Paisley Pullover

Mosquito repellents are not only limited to sprays. It has spread to a wide variety of great products from which you can benefit. Guardian Gear brings you one such product, a pullover mosquito repellent for your dog.

Key features

Apart from being adorned with great paisley design, it is a blue colored, hood design with a kangaroo pocket. Something which is both cute and tough as a mosquito repellent.

The print is great as it displays the dog-themed bone accents. So much style at a meagre price.

With a material composition of polyester and cotton 65 and 35 percent respectively, it is an ideal mosquito repellent for your pet dog.


  • Fine material.
  • Innovative product.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Only available in one color.

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6. Insect Shield Insect Repellant Dog Blanket

Having a mosquito repellent protective layer on your pet dog is great but is it possible physically? Yes it is! With Insect Shield’s dog mosquito repellent blanket you can actually cover your dog from mosquitos and other bugs.

Key features

It carries the latest repelling technology which repulse mosquitos, flies ticks and all insects which are annoying to your little friend.

You can take it with you anywhere, on camping, hiking trips, outdoor picnics etc it will never fail you. With its long-lasting and odorless protection, you can really make your adventure trips more memorable.

Its ultra-soft exterior makes it your dog’s permanent friend. It is washable and proves very convenient for you in any possible way.

It’s an EPA certified mosquito repellent for dogs, safe to use on your pet. To top that, it gives a homely feeling to your pet.


  • Cozy product.
  • Certified and safe.
  • Odorless.


  • Less compact than sprays and shirts.

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By now you must have decided what product is best for your beloved pet dog. We hope you get what is best for your dog but also is suitable and convenient for you to buy. Goodluck and Adios from our side.

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