How to Get Rid of Mosquito Hawks: 3 Effective Strategies for Pest Control

Are you disturbed because of mosquito hawks? Do you want to get rid of mosquito hawks? Mosquito hawks are also known as crane flies. You may know many pests can damage your garden, and mosquito hawks can be one of them.

Although mosquito hawks are destructive, their presence in the home can be disturbing. These mosquito hawks also don’t bite. People don’t like mosquito hawks due to the annoying sounds they produce. These sounds can be very irritating for some people.

How to get rid of mosquito hawks?

1. Use Insecticide

The use of insecticide is more common for killing mosquito hawks. The best insecticide for mosquito hawks is Pyrethrin. It is obtained from chrysanthemum flowers. This insecticide kills the mosquito hawks, but it has some adverse effects on humans as well as pets.

This chemical has poor effects on dogs.

When human skin is exposed to high quantities of Pyrethrin, it can cause numbness, stinging, itching and burning. Its effects last for a few hours. However, it is still used in diluted form to kill mosquito hawks.

2. Home remedies

Various home remedies are used to kill bacteria, such as

Use Essential oils

You can get rid of mosquito hawks by making DIY essentials oil sprays at home.

These essential oils do not kill mosquito hawks but repel them. These mosquito hawks are quite sensitive pests; thus, you can get rid of them by using simple household ingredients. Essential oil is mosquito hawk repellent.

By using these essential oils, you will get rid of mosquito hawks permanently. These oils don’t let the pests enter your garden due to repellent action.

Following essential oils are quite effective in repelling mosquito hawks

  • Peppermint oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Eucalyptus oil

Additionally, you can make these repellent sprays easy by adding 10-15 drops of any essential oils into 2-3 cups of water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle. Your repellent spray is ready to work.

Keep in mind to shake it before use; spray this repellent solution in your home. It will help you get rid of mosquito hawks.

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Hang ribbon strips

You can easily get rid of mosquito hawks by hanging some ribbon strips in your home’s backyard. These strips will trap these mosquito hawks and kill them. Thus it is quite an easy way to get rid of mosquito hawks.

Make bird houses

You should make bird houses on your lawn and spread birdseed for mosquito hawk predators. Birds will eat both adult mosquito hawks and their larvae. This will prevent the mosquito hawks from coming to your garden. In this way, mosquito hawks will not come to your home. Thus you will get rid of those annoying sounds.

Put a mesh screen on windows and doors.

When you keep your door and windows open for proper ventilation, then mosquito hawks can easily enter your home and cause inconvenience. Thus you should put mesh screens on windows and doors to keep mosquito hawks away from your home.

Burn holly tree leaves

You can prevent mosquito hawks from coming to your home by burning some leaves of a holly tree. Take a few leaves and burn them for a few seconds. When smoke appears, spread this smoke all over your house. Thus all mosquito hawks will go away due to the smoke. This will also save you from the cold.

Moreover, the holly tree is very beneficial for health. It can treat cough, Git issues and many more. It has no such side effects.

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Do Minimum lighting outside the home.

Mosquito hawks are also attracted to the bright light. If you want to get rid of mosquito hawks, then you should keep the outdoor lighting to a limited extent. Try to put the lights off at night when you go to bed at night. Set the light’s location away from your house so that the mosquito hawks remain away.

Use neem oil

You can spray neem oil on indoor plants to keep the mosquito hawks and other insects away from your home. Neem oil is non-toxic; thus, you need not worry about pets and kids.

You can prepare neem oil spray yourself by following the steps

One tablespoon of neem oil

1-litre warm water

1/3 tablespoons of liquid soap

Thus your neem oil spray is ready

Turn off the unnecessary lights

You may know mosquito hawks are attracted to light. So you should turn off the unnecessary lights to prevent the mosquito hawks from entering your home. Thus you will get rid of these mosquito hawks.

3. Professional method

Professionals use different methods to kill mosquitos and hawks in bulk. Few methods are mentioned below.

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Install bug zapper

A bug zapper is an electric discharge system to control insects. It radiates UV light to attract the bugs like mosquito hawks to the device’s center. They get captured between metal grids and kill the mosquito hawk. It can kill up to 100000 mosquito hawks in one night. You can install them in your doors as well as windows. They will be attracted to the lights but caught in the bug zapper.

Buy Yellow bug light.

It is known that flying insects are attracted to light. The reason is still not known. Some scientists revealed that the insects are not attracted to yellow lights, e.g. yellow LED bug light.

This bug light is considered pest repellent. This helps you in keeping the mosquito hawks away from you.

This bulb is easily available on the market. You can get rid of mosquito hawks with the help of this bulb.

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Mosquito hawks are not safe for your garden. Therefore it is important to get rid of them. You can get rid of mosquito hawks with the help of the methods mentioned above and products, but sometimes you see a lot of mosquito hawks, and the situation gets out of hand. These mosquito hawks destroy your whole garden. You get worried. You must see a professional save your garden and property at this time.

However, mosquito hawks are not considered good for the lawn. If you see any mosquito hawks in your garden or home, you should immediately take action to eradicate them. But the question is, what should we do? First of all, you should not be worried if you see mosquito hawks flying here and there. You can get rid of them with the help of a fly swatter or rolled-up magazines. But if you see a lot of mosquito hawks in your home or garden, then you should do something ASAP.

Most professional pest control experts do it for $100-500$.But the charges can vary a little bit.


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